Introducing YoungKwang’s corporate identity.

Introducing YoungKwang’s corporate identity.


Symbol Mark Introduction

It is a basic element of YoungKwang’s Corporate Identity Program, anda symbol that is the core of all visual communication that expresses the image of YoungKwang inside and outside.

The symbol visualized under the concept of ‘a voyage to progress and innovation’ is a motif in the shape of the earth. YoungKwang’s management philosophy and willingness to grow into a global company through the expansion of technology and the business philosophy of proactively expanding as if sailing the wide sea in a circle is expressed by the representative initial Y.

Light Blue and Dark Blue used for graphic symbols represent YoungKwang’s outstanding technology depth and corporate reliability.


Rules of Use

CI is a visual adjustment of balance and proportion, taking into account the unity and combination of the symbol mark and logo to deliver a consistent corporate image. In any case, arbitrarily changed form is prohibited.