Business Area

Introducing Youngkwang’s division.

Heater & reformer

Introducing Youngkwang’s division.

Fired Heater & Steam Reformer

Fired Heater & Steam Reformer is a mechanical device that plays a central role in the refinery and petrochemical processes. Youngkwang Co., Ltd. has excellent manpower with abundant experience since 2011. We satisfy customers with accumulated know-how in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of fired heaters and petrochemical plants. We provide perfect service and quality, and we always strive to ensure safety in doing everything.

Capability technology

Design : 3D Model & 2D Engineering
Steel part : 300 ton / month
Pressure part : 10,000 D.I / month
Refractory : 200 M3 / month

Major customers

Oversea Clients :

Heurtey Petrochem, Wood PLC, OnQuest Canada ULC, Linde Engineering

Local Clients : Heurtey Petrochem Korea, KTI Korea

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Fired Heater