Mission / Vision

Introducing Youngkwang’s management policy and goals.


We improve customer value and contribute to human prosperity by supplying useful facilities
and technical services through the realization of optimal technology.


Optimal technology

Enhancing the technology provided to customers to the highest level


Useful equipment and technical services

Total customer value, such as facility utility and service


Customer value improvement

The purpose of our business to be continuously expanded


Contribute to human prosperity

Contribute to the development of the national economy and improve the quality of life of customers, support and stakeholders more dynamically

Core values ​​and vision


Core values

· Collaboration : Increased synergy through efficient collaboration

· Creativity : The ability to proactively respond to changes in the situation and to seek new ways

· Challenge : Indomitable spirit that does not give up even small possibilities


· STRONG 2020! (It will be reborn as a small giant company by 2020.)